FAME Commission on Social Concerns "Peace Over Violence Summit"

Special Thanks:

Rev. Rosy Medina
Pastor J. Edgar Boyd
Rabbi Zoe Klein

Jessica Crenshaw-Drummond
Karen L. Sloane

Greg Jones
Cantor Tifani Coyot
Mary Ekler

Mike Feuer, Los Angeles City Attorney
Stinson Brown, LAPD Officer
Renny and Caren Kaye Temple
Donna Graham
Kiera Phillips
Rodney Fleming

Donna Graham (Time for Change/Girls In Gangs); Shelley Hoffman and Madelaine Cobb-Brown (National Alliance on Mental Illness, Urban Los Angeles); Jovan Bowles, Director of Development and Anabel Arrazola (Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles); Eric Bailey (Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic); Sheryl Branch (Los Angeles Metropolitan Churches; Fred Walker and Adrienne Goodrich (Weingart Center for the Homeless); Minister Vernon Andrews (Big Homies); and Wendy Turk (Temple Isaiah Gun Legislation Advocacy Committee).

Rabbi Dara Frimmer
Adrienne Toussant
Sharon Williams
Barbara Holmes
Vicki Phillips
Michael Ellison-Lewis
Clayton Everett
Temple Isaiah and FAME Choirs
FAME Parking Attendants
FAME Maintenance Dept.
FAME Ushers
FAME Youth



                                                 FAME Church Photos, Clayton Everett, 2014