The Preparation - FAME's Teen Church
Our primary task is to involve teens as they shape what happens at The Preparation on a monthly basis. The teens pick the topics that are discussed and the food that we eat.

Yes we have a fun meal every second Sunday. The teens assemble at 12:00 for food and fellowship. We normally have pizza, chicken wings and salad. At 12:30 the teens recess into the Allen House where "The Teens Get God's Word Their Way!" This is a motto of The Preparation that the teens get God's word their way. It is a time of interaction.

No one preaches but rather we talk about scripture as it relates to real life issues.

The Preparation is led by the teens as they give the announcements, develop the program, read scripture, pray and lead in the discussion.

Praise and worship is a collection of gospel music video to include gospel rap. After praise and worship we show a video clip from a movie or popular television show that presents a problem that we look to scripture as a tool to have a conversation. We say, "we are teaching our youth to live an edited life in an unedited world."